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MITSINBO Fully Synthetic SAE-5W40 API Engine Oil 4L

RM 68.00

MITSINBO Fully Synthetic SAE-5W40 API Engine Oil 4L

MITSINBO fully synthetic 5W40 engine oil is formulated to provide high and low temperature performance and protection agaisnt wear, rust, vanish and sludge deposits. Meet the latest API SAE standard for gasoline and turbo engines. 

MITSINBO multi-grade oils are  recommended for passenger cars, vans, light duty trucks, and sport utility vehicles that are fueled with gasoline. It surpasses the performance of API SM/CF Service Classification.

MITSINBO exceeds manufacturer's warranty requirements for gasoline engine where an API SM/CF, performance 5W40 viscosity grade motor oil is recommended. 


4L Bottle. Recommended service interval of 10,000km. 


Leading and genuine supplier for automotive lubricants and fluids in Malaysia, with almost 30years of experience.