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TANI JAPAN ATF CVT Auto Transmission Fluid for Toyota / Nissan / Mitsubishi / Subaru 1L

RM 30.00

TANI JAPAN ATF CVT Auto Transmission Fluid 1L

TANI CVT Fluid is specially designed for use in latest generations of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). It provides outstanding power transmission and fuel-economy performance as compared with normal automatic transmissions.


• Excellent shear stability for consistent shift.

• Compatible with a wide range of seal.

• Outstanding anti-wear properties and oil film thickness.

• Provides excellent friction, oxidation and thermal stability.

• Excellent low temperature fluidity, reducing start up wear.

• Longer life due to fully synthetic base and carefully selected additives.


Nissan : NS-2

Mitsubishi : CVTF-J1, CVTF-J4

Subaru : ECVT, iCVT, iCTT FG

Chrysler Jeep : NS-2

Toyota : CVTF TC 

Toyota : CVTF FE

Made in Japan

TANI International, Japan

Tani International Co., Ltd.has been developing quality automotive oils and fluids for Japanese domestic market and export market.